APPSEC platform loved by developers with the confidence of SI

In traditional APPSEC approaches, it is not uncommon for organizations to have to choose to have security or deliver applications on time to serve the business. Snyk solutions stand out in this landscape as an adequate response, delivering vulnerability-free applications without impacting the productivity of the teams involved in DevSecOps.

Acelere seu desenvolvimento com segurança

A Snyk é mais que uma ferramenta – é uma plataforma de segurança dedicada a desenvolvedores. Seu principal objetivo é ajudar as empresas a acelerarem seu desenvolvimento sem comprometer a segurança.  

Com a capacidade de identificar e corrigir vulnerabilidades em código, dependências de código aberto, contêineres e Infraestrutura como Código (IaC), a Snyk é sua parceira confiável no mundo do desenvolvimento. 


Find and fix
vulnerabilities in
5 minutes

Automatic detection and correction:
With industry-leading security intelligence technology and the power of Snyk’s DeepCode AI, you can identify and fix issues in real-time.

Intelligent integration:
Snyk is integrated into your development environment. Whether it’s in your IDEs, repositories, or workflows, Snyk is there to make sure your code is always secure.

Simple and effective fixes:
Snyk not only identifies issues but also provides actionable fix suggestions directly through its tools. And with automatic PRs, patching vulnerabilities has never been easier.

Learn about Snyk’s features for comprehensive protection

Snyk code:
Make sure your code, as written, is safe and secure.

Snyk Open Source:
Avoid the pitfalls of vulnerable dependencies and keep your open source secure.

Snyk Container:
Protect basic images and ensure your containers are free from vulnerabilities.

Snyk IaC:
Avoid cloud configuration errors and ensure a secure infrastructure.

Adapted to all languages:

Snyk integrates harmoniously with your tools, pipelines, and workflows. Rest assured, Snyk supports your favorite languages.

Unprecedented accuracy with hybrid AI:

The combined power of symbolic and generative AI, many ML methods, and Snyk’s expertise ensure flawless accuracy.

Focus on what matters:

With Snyk, you get a broad view of vulnerabilities, application context, and business. This ensures that you can prioritize the most critical risks.

Reduce risk, increase productivity

Over 85% of developers recommend Snyk due to its ease of use
and the considerable time it saves during development.

Develop quickly and safely with the support of Elosoft and Snyk solutions.

Elosoft’s team of experts will show you how to make your development more secure, efficient, and innovative with Snyk solutions and other security and observability solutions in our portfolio.

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