GO-Global: Windows app publishing excellence

Reduce the cost and complexity of delivering your Windows applications without having to rewrite a single piece of code.

Modern challenges, innovative solution

Delivering Windows apps to users on different devices and locations can be difficult. With high licensing costs associated with traditional solutions like Citrix and RDS, issues like slow logins, printing difficulties, and excessive resource consumption become common obstacles.

Besides, there is a growing need for solutions that offer efficient integration with the cloud and are scalable without impacting the budget.

Discover GO-Global

GO-Global is not only an alternative but also a superior option compared to other solutions on the market. Designed for simplicity, it reduces the time and effort required to provide remote access while allowing for scalability without excessive costs.

Know the main benefits of the solution

Native web experience:
Your app loads instantly on any browser.

Custom brand:
The user interacts exclusively with your app’s brand, with no distractions.

Universal compatibility:
The solution works perfectly on Mac and Windows PCs and iOS and Android mobile devices.

Universal printing:
With GO-Global, printing becomes simple and universal, eliminating complications with screenshots or copy-and-paste functions.

Reduce the time and effort required to provide remote access

Install in 15 minutes

Developed specifically for Windows application delivery, GO-Global is simple to install and configure.

Use any cloud service provider

GO-Global works with any cloud infrastructure – you select the provider that works best for you.

Bring your own single sign-on

With GO-Global support for OpenID Connect, maximize your SSO investment.

Reduce your tech support calls

Quick logins, automatic reconnection, and fewer printing issues reduce technical support calls, freeing up your service team to work on strategic matters.

Scale with no cost increase

Cut license costs

Pay for concurrent users rather than named users to reduce the total number of licenses you pay for. Pay only for users who access your app.

Stop paying for unnecessary licenses

GO-Global fully replaces Microsoft's multi-session functionality and its Remote Desktop clients, video driver, protocol, Internet gateway, and management tools.

Reduce infrastructure management tasks

The simple and efficient use of GO-Global’s computational resources means less time is spent managing the infrastructure.

Eliminate duplicate functionalities

Unlike more expensive products, GO-Global leverages a cloud service's existing infrastructure, scalability, and security features to improve manageability at a lower cost.

Offer your Windows app from any cloud, deliver superior performance, and save on extra licenses with the support of Elosoft and GO-Global technology.

Elosoft is the largest distributor of GO-Global and has a certified and highly qualified team for technical support and implementation services. We operate with direct sales and through many resellers throughout the country, ensuring the best customer service and educating people to get the most of all the resources and benefits made available by the tool.

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