The traditional approach of putting the responsibility of securing applications on the security team is very slow and not scalable.

A collaborative approach, on the other hand, allows security to be embedded continuously to align with the iterative DevSecOps model.

Developers now build applications through a combination of proprietary and open-source code, run code in containers, and deploy and configure via infrastructure as code technologies like Kubernetes and Terraform.

A cloud-native application security process must be able to protect each of these components in an integrated and efficient manner.

We know how to protect every layer of your application using the industry-leading developer security platform.

Easy integration: Our solution adds security expertise to your existing IDEs, repositories, and workflows;
Continuous scanning: We monitor vulnerabilities as you develop, using industry-leading security intelligence;
One-click fix: Actionable fix suggestions in your tools. With automatic PRs, you can accept and move on.

More than 85% of developers recommend our solution thanks to its ease of use and the considerable time it saves during development.