Does your IT team need to overcome technology challenges by dealing daily with high complexity, scale, and many changes and environments used to keep operations functional with fewer resources and less time?

Intelligent cloud observability is an excellent ally in this situation, as it allows for measuring the current state of a system based on the data it generates. It also uses artificial intelligence and automation to eliminate blind spots, solve problems quickly, and deliver a superior customer experience.

Observability and monitoring usually are related concepts and can complement each other, but they are not synonyms.

In monitoring, dashboards are pre-configured to alert you to performance issues you want to track. However, you need to predict what problems you will encounter for these dashboards to work.

With observability, you can flexibly explore what’s going on and quickly discover the root cause of problems you may not have been able to predict.

The need to expand your business into a digital environment is the reality that has come to stay, and strengthening cybersecurity is crucial for business continuity.

Therefore, it is essential to have an advanced threat analysis and response platform that offers scale, comprehensiveness, and consistency for your infrastructure.

• Highly scalable;
• Provides comprehensive visibility of distributed digital infrastructures;
• Detects threats with behavioral analytics, open-source data, and advanced analytics;
• Contextual investigation and cyber threat hunting with a robust source of metadata and packages;
• Automated and intelligent network perimeter blocking.

Visibility has become an essential item for effective security, so count on an intelligent solution that encompasses any environment, whether physical, virtual, or cloud networks.

Rely on a consistent and scalable foundation for a single threat detection, response, investigation, and hunting solution.

SaaS solution is available and easily accessible with managed sensors and a back end for metadata.

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